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Cybercafe at Socia Media?

Well, not really. But in coöperation with dDH (Independent Internet Platform), Socia Media can offer public access to the Internet. Several computers and a fax are available for f.e. NGO's, activists or refugees which do not have their own account, are visiting The Hague or organise an event in The Hague.

You can make an appointment to come to our office and browse the web, put your E-mail, press release or whatever online, etc. If necessary, we can arrange a temporary account for you. And of course you can also access your 'home base' at the Internet from our office.

Information can also be put on World Wide Web at dDH, the Internet platform of which Socia Media is a co-initiator. Messages can be posted in the APC newsgroups or the Dutch 'Other News Network', etc.
If needed, editorial support is available.

And there is more: A 6x8 meters room for meetings, workshops or a press conference, which also doubles as sound (redording) studio for music, radio production, audiovisuals, etc.
There is also a small quality PA system available for speech and music, transport and engineer included.

So in short: If you have business in The Hague and need media services, you're welcome!

We might offer you a drink too.

Contact us!

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